Our philosophy on training and pet care is based on routine and consistency. When dogs know what to expect they feel more relaxed. There are many theories on how dogs should be trained, and we encourage our clients to explore whatever works for them. We will be consistent with whatever training method you choose. You should expect this from your dog walking company. Unfortunately, some companies don't follow this basic best practice.

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At Colorfuldogs we do not focus on "pack walking," scaring your dog into submission, or "corrective yanking." Instead we provide stability and routine to help them feel relaxed and ready for the day. Whether you choose buddy walks or solo walks for your pup we will support them in their growth. Our buddy walks are no more than three well-adjusted dogs walking together at a time. We do not charge extra for solo walks.

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We believe in providing the best walking experience for your dogs needs. To read more about how we train our walkers, and our personal philosophy on training please read the following posts.

How Colorfuldogs' Walkers are Trained

Thoughts about Dog Training