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Pet Sitting Season Is Upon Us

Pet Sitting Season Is Upon Us

It's that time of year. Everybody's thinking about vacation. While you're making all the travel plans, remember your pet needs a great plan, too. Here's a helpful checklist when you're looking for a pet sitter.

First, is the pet sitter insured and bonded? Whether you're hiring an established pet care company, or an independent sitter, this is crucial. They need to have insurance and be bonded. You'll want to ask for proof.

Price matters. Nobody wants to overspend. But trust us on this. When it comes to pet sitting, you get what you pay for. Be sure to ask a prospective sitter what's included in the price. Most companies charge extra fees for any walks during your booking! At Colorfuldogs, our price for overnight pet sitting (where we stay with your pet in your home) is all inclusive — your needs are covered in the basic price. Learn more about pet sitting services from Colorfuldogs.

If you're thinking about be leaving your dog at a sitter's home, you'll especially want to do your research. You may want to ask where your dog will be sleeping. There can be a lot of variation in the answer. Some sitters will welcome your dog into their bed at night. However, not all will feel this way.

Also when boarding your dofg at a sitter;s home, ask if the sitter has other pets. This is an important question. For example, your sitter may have cats and maybe your dog has never met a cat. Is the sitter's cat friendly? Or are they likely to scratch? If a dog gets scratched in the eye, that can turn serious in a hurry. If the sitter has dogs of their own are they socialized? Are their shots up to date? You may want proof of that, as well.

If you're leaving your dog at a sitter's house, you'll want to ask if your dog will be their only client. Mulitple dogs staying at a house at the same time can lead to the issues mentioned above.

If you have concerns about leaving your pet with somebody, all of the issues mentioned above can be avoided by simply booking a sitter to stay in your home while your away. This is what Colorfuldogs specializes in. Having an overnight pet sitter is like having a house sitter. When you hire us, you get a pet care expert, who's well-experienced in providing loving care for pets — and skilled in watching over a client's home.

If you do board your bog with a sitter, what do you need to bring? Here's a short list of things you might want to consider:

Finally, whatever pet sitting option you decide on, you'll want to find out how much experience the sitter you're thinking about hiring has. How long have they been in business? How many clients have they sat for, and do they have references?

We hope this short list will help you find a a great sitter this season! If you're interested in speaking with a Colorfuldogs manager about your pet sitting needs, please fill out our New Service Request form. No obliagtion, of course. We'd certainly love to help.