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Doggy Adoption Story: Miss Cookie

Doggy Adoption Story: Miss Cookie

Today we're excited to share a story from celebrity hairstylist Marko Tomassetti! As you can see, not only is Marko a family man and accomplished stylist, but also a huge dog lover. He and his husband Brandon have rescued several dogs and believe strongly in the adoption process. Check out our interview.

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What's your dog's name?
MT:  Miss Cookie.

What was it that encouraged you to adopt your dog?
MT:   I purchased my first dog from a pet store, prior to being aware of puppy mills and their treatment of the animals. Shortly after getting Miss Tea Tea, I learned all about it and swore I would never buy from a pet shop again. Years later my husband (Brandon) and I adopted Trucky from the shelter, he was such a loving, sweet dog. We knew as soon as we met him he was the one for us. Fast forward to years later when Miss Tea Tea crossed the Rainbow Bridge, it was a no brainer we were going to adopt!

Where did you adopt from?
MT:  Groovy Paws Rescue.

What has been the best part of adopting a dog?
MT:  To me the best part of adopting is a dog is not that you're rescuing a dog, but that you can really see the dog's personality and see if you are a good match. It's so much better than dating, and way more accurate since dogs are honest! :-)

What has been the most challenging?
MT:  The most challenging part of adopting Miss Cookie is her pre-existing conditions. She was never properly nourished so she has a knee deformity that hinders her walking, and surgery isn't a viable solution. She also had to get many teeth pulled due to her neglect.

What would you say to people who are considering adoption?
MT:  The best part about adopting is bypassing the puppy stage, and our two adoptions came house trained which was amazing!

Do you have a funny story, a great memory, or anything else you'd like to share about Miss Cookie?
MT:  We love Miss Cookie so much. She is my first lap dog. She loves sitting in her dog bed in the car and coming everywhere with me.

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